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peoplesvoice.news is a new digital media organisation set up to deliver a fresh perspective in presenting news to suit new demand. We will provide readers with up- to-date breaking news and insightful opinions.

The multi-faceted online news portal provides insight and analysis of current affairs using a ‘both sides of the coin’ approach to allow for a greater depth in understanding issues that affect us all in a transparent, responsible and equitable manner.

Coverage spans from what goes on at the national and state levels, right down to an individual’s standpoint to regional, world affairs and what’s new.

peoplesvoice.news allows its readers to interact with the team of professional Malaysian journalists, relevant key industry players, academics and lawmakers via comments on issues reported.

Launched in 2018, the independent, experienced ‘free of favour’ team stands to deliver timely and meaningful news to all readers with a promise on being more people-centric, driven by our tagline: ‘SPEAKING FOR YOU’

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