Lucrative coconut water business for couple

The couple started the stall selling 20 to 30 coconuts in 2009; sales now reaches some  800  daily. -
The couple started the stall selling 20 to 30 coconuts in 2009; sales now reaches some  800  daily. -

KUALA LUMPUR: Work and the courage to face the challenges of a business venture, is the secret recipe for success of married couple, entrepreneurs Norazahar Ahmad, 47, and Intan Baizura Ahmad, 42, who sell coconut water that generates a lucrative monthly income for them.

Equipped with an initial capital of RM800, they started their small scale business in 2009 in the Wangsa Maju area selling only 20 to 30 coconuts.

Intan Baizura said since then, their business venture has improved by leaps and bounds with sales of coconuts reaching almost 800 daily at present.

“Sales are growing daily and our stall’s attractions are the variety of coconut flavours being offered such as lemon, milk, lychee and honey coconut water,” said the former office administrator to Bernama when met at the women’s workshop on mastering mechanisation at the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC).

Realising the stiff competition in the coconut water business, she said the couple mooted the idea of producing variation to their product and asked their family members to sample and give feedback on it.    

“Based on their feedback and our innovation, our special coconut water is the result and the most profitable is the honey lemon coconut water that is sold between RM4.50 and RM5.50  for a big mug,” she said.

Asked on the uniqueness of the name of their stall, 'Warung Pekaki U-Turn Air Kelapa Special”, she said it was inspired from its surroundings that is near the foothills which attracted many joggers as well as a u-turn nearby.

The stall, which hires three workers to assist in the business, obtained its supply of fresh coconuts from Bagan Datuk in Perak, well known for its coconut produce.

The mother-of-three said there were plans to expand the business by opening a new stall but there are constraints such as problems relating to workers. 

Meanwhile the workshop, being held in conjunction with the 29th Malaysia International  Machinery Fair 2018 at PWTC, aimed at providing further exposure to entrepreneurs interested to venture into food processing.

The four-day exhibition, which started yesterday, is participated by exhibitors from China, Germany, Japan, Taiwan and Asean countries.

It is organised by  ES Event Management in collaboration with Malaysia Promas International Business Society (Promas), Malaysian Malay Entrepreneurs and Merchants' Association (Perdasama), Malaysian Small Entrepreneurs Chamber of Commerce (DPUKM) and various other agencies. - Bernama