Is Chong running out of tricks?

Chong may be facing defeat this time around.
Chong may be facing defeat this time around.

DAP's Stampin candidate Chong Chieng Jen may be looking at defeat this time.

Not that he is any stranger to electoral defeats, having lost in a couple of elections before becoming MP for the first time in 2004 general election, but he has not lost since that victory.

Chong won the state election of 2006 and then defended his parliamentary seat in 2008 with a bigger majority. In 2011 he defended his state assembly seat and won.

That's one long winning streak which could come to an end when the votes are counted come May 9.

The state DAP chief, who made the choice to move out of Bandar Kuching, his comfort zone of three terms, does not look at ease in Stampin.

He could have stayed to defend Bandar Kuching where he appeared formidable. But on nomination day last April 28, he headed for Stampin, for one sole reason -- for a face-off do-or-die battle with Sarawak United People's Party (SUPP) chief Datuk Dr Sim Kheng Hui.

Apparently, Chong was very confident that any where he stood in the city, and against Dr Sim or whosoever, he would win.

So he decided, why not hunt Dr Sim down? He was on an ego satisfying trip.

Unfortunately, he looks more like a spent force now, midway through the campaign period.

There are two pertinent reasons for this. One, he has nothing new to offer after three terms at the job. He is same old Chong and singing the same old song. He rests his hope on that tired assumption that city folks would still give city seats to DAP in general elections.

If that is true, he will win. And so too Oscar Ling in Sibu and Dr Michael Teo in Miri.

But that may not be the case anymore. City folks have every reason to demand the best from politics and politicians. Their votes aren't automatic.

And two, DAP is playing up issues that the government has answers to. The problem is while DAP does not like the answers, the people do.

Take for instance 1MDB, DAP has been presenting its own version of it, but which Arul Kanda has torn into pieces.

Or, DAP has been critical of BR1M, calling it 'dedak' only to present its own 'dedak' a few days ago under different label.

Or, DAP's 20% oil royalty which is really nothing compared to BN's taking full control of O&G industry.

Dr Sim is fighting tooth and nail (sorry, no pun intended, please) every inch of the way, for once you can see Chong is digging deep into his resources like a magician pulling off every known trick there is in the game.

You kind of know it when the magician has very little left. And Chong is like that magician now.