Sabah and Sarawak no longer BN’s ‘fixed deposits’

Sarawak should consider joining Pakatan Harapan to be able to effectively demand the return of state rights

THERE are a total of 31 parliamentary seats in Sarawak.  Pakatan Harapan and Independent candidates have won 12, which leaves BN with only 19 seats.

BN in Sarawak was confident that they would win 28 parliamentary seats in GE14. The state Barisan Nasional (BN) spoke too soon!

I have many friends and relatives who are members of BN and I would not taunt them to eat crows for losing several seats including Selangau, Saratok and Puncak Borneo.

Instead, I dare to dream that BN's 19 MPs from Sarawak will join Pakatan Harapan and send a strong message to Umno that they have had enough of the ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ ideology.  Racial and communal politics has no place in a democratic and multiracial Malaysia.

This election, many BN politicians campaigned on M63 and if they were to be elected, they promised to give Sarawak its rights and privileges as the third partner in the formation of Malaysia, in 1963.

Sarawak wants more autonomy and a larger percentage of oil monies. If BN-elected officials were really fighting for Sarawak and its people, now is the time for them to walk the talk!

As Sarawakians like to say ‘NATO’ as in "No action talk only." If you are a young and determined politician, there will be more elections to come but your votes and your stand in parliament today will forever be etched in Sarawak's history.

Remember, not all Sarawakians "mudah lupa," meaning Sarawakians are not easily forgetful or fickle.

Sarawak does not belong to any specific race or political party. Sarawak belongs to all of us. Sarawak is our "tanah tumpah darah kami" (land of our blood).  It is our forests, our lands, our rivers and yes, it is our oils and our natural resources.

It is our right to be an equal third partner of Malaysia, we demand more.  Sarawak was a country on its own before the formation of Malaysia, without Sarawak, there would have been no Malaysia.

No, Sarawak did not join Malaysia. In 1963, Sarawak, Sabah, Singapore and Malaya formed Malaysia! On August 9 1965, Singapore separated from Malaysia to become an independent and sovereign nation and is doing tremendously well. Let that sink in for a while.

As demonstrated in GE14, we Sarawakians, refused to be the stepchild of Malaya or second class citizens of this Malaysia or BN Umno’s fixed deposit state. It is about time for Sarawak to get its voice and be heard, and no, Hadi Awang, we don't live on trees.

Pakatan Harapan is now the undeclared winner of GE14 but Sarawak BN has only 19 seats. What good are our 19 votes in parliament to fight for Sarawakians' rights against the might of "Orang Malaya" in the Federal Government of Malaysia?

Imagine how loud and strong the voice of Sarawak and its people would be, if BN’s 19 MPs joined 10 Pakatan Harapan MPs?  No one will insult us Sarawakians or call us Umno’s fixed deposit state ever again.

But the most important reason why BN should join Pakatan Harapan to form a new government is for the sake of peace and security in this beloved country of ours. 

As I was writing this article, I heard SPR refusing to sign Form 14 and was withholding the Sabah election results and Datuk Sri Najib Abdul Razak had yet to accept Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as the winner of the election.

If the Sarawak BN’s 19 newly-elected MPs had announced that they would join Pakatan Harapan to form a new Federal government it would have sent a strong message to Najib and Umno and may have enabled the transition of power to proceed more smoothly.

As a last word for the sake of peace and harmony, I hope the winners and members of Pakatan Harapan will be mindful of the feelings of fellow Malaysians, who are, at this hour nursing the agony of defeat.

Don't taunt! Don't provoke! Remember, we are all Malaysians.